Wedding Anniversary

We had an amazing anniversary this year – spent it at home. I had reminded myself to get a card for Mrs but I forgot and she did get me one. Normally its the other way around in our house.


So I finally dusted off my bike after it not being used for about 10 years! Each day I have been taking the children out for a cycle, getting them used to be on roads for small sections and seeing some of the history in East Kilbride. Visiting items like the Jean Cameron Memorial or the Hunter Brother Memorial.

This was the first time I have visited the Jean Cameron memorial despite walking past it every day for 6 years on the way home from school!

Disaster struck on a cycle out to Eaglesham – flat tyre. I did not have a puncture repair kit with me, so had to walk home pushing my bike.

Mapping of one of our routes


I love a good Barbecue. Got some proper smoke going to give a good flavour to all the food.


Wife made some great lentil salad and all the great accompliments, however she does like items to be overcooked as is she is paranoid about food poisoning, so the steaks were not vrey good – could not taste the marinade on them.

Before it was cooked!

Back garden camping.

Nearly had a disaster with our tent yesterday. Whilst sitting in the hot tub I head a ping noise and thought nothing of it. Later when I went up the top garden i noticed that the shape of the tent was not correct. On further inspection I noticed that one of the poles had snapped. Of the five original poles of the tent I had already replaced three of them. The new poles operate differently from the older ones, so a fault must have been identified.

I contacted the tent company and its £25 to replace the pole, however the way the pole attaches to the tent is now different. They will pass the tent to a company to remove the old fitment and add the new attachment for free but it does mean I need to buy two poles. Its a great tent and served me well, I have had it for about 16 years now. Its a Crux X2 Bomb, the link takes you to the newer version but is not dissimaller to my version.

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