I am Hungry

Ever since this lockdown has started all I have heard from my son is “I’m hungry” I really wonder how he gets through a normal day at school without having to constantly eat.


Well we tried a virtual Scout camp this weekend. Kids slept in tents/shelters they made at home, and would join our Zoom meeting at points throughout the day for different activities.

It was a bag of mixed results, they all had a go at the individual challenge of pioneering and scavenger hunts. We tried to split them into teams via the breakout rooms in Zoom to complete a route card but we hit issues with people using different devices which made it hard for screen sharing.

Campfire was a damp squid, very little singing from the kids – dont think my neighbours appreciated my singing! Ended up playing spotify over the zoom and just hav a chat.

We also had the young people making pizza from scratch on Saturday evening duing a “cook a long” session. Would have went better if the leaer doing the cooking was able to find yeast in the shops. Great feedback on the end results of the pizza.

Job Hunting

The job hunt still goes on. Its all very slow at the moment as their seams to be fewer jobs coming out. I have been shortlisted for one role, however they dont know when they can interview due to the ongoing issues.