We better have a great summer this year, grass has been cut, hedges trimmed and much on the woodwork has been treated. I ran out of the treatment so I have not been able to do the fence slats – thats one job that will need to wait till after lockdown then. The plan for tomorrow is to rub down the paint work on the window sills and exposed Brickwork and paint it all up.

Son was out helping with the painting of the wood, and I was so grateful as I could not fit behind the shed to do the work. During it he had the cheeck to ask for payment and if he was getting a break!

Son painting the shed
Kids, great for getting the awckward spots!

The gardening was also an excuse to light a fire. We have filled the bin for Garden Waste and its not due to be collected for another week. With the local dump closed until further notice I had to try and get rid of the hedge cuttings in some form. It was turned into a lesson for my son, what happens when you burn “green” wood.

Green wood fire smoking

Films and TV

Well like most I have been watching alot of films and TV. Been rewatching all the Start War movies, saw a few of the Marvel films but the best has been watching the Mandalorian. Its Star Wars based but is not as cheesey has a bit more realisim added to it and is a great watch!


We have been trying to get out each day for our one piece of exercise and get the kids to stretch their legs. Normally daughter would do 11 hours of Gymnastics, 2 hours of dancing plus the walking to and from school (about 10/15 mins each way). Its alot to go from to doing next to nothing, she has been doing some conditioning exercises from Gymnastics every day. Daughter has started taking her bike out with her whilst son takes his scooter. Very eerie being out at 5pm and the roads are very quiet! On our walks we have popped by relatives and gave them a call to come to their door whilst we are a safe distance away. A quick chat to help pick everyone’s spirits up and then back on with the walk – son goes shy so does not say much! We did have one issue on our walk:

Car Parked on pavement
Car blocking the pavement.