Busy weekend

This week end I have been really busy thats why I havent been posting.I have called my friends all weekend.My friends andI have been trying to watch movies wich is kinda hard.Sometimes we as in my other friend there were three of us on the whats app call.I miss all of my friends it is better see them in real life.

I have been on tons of walks this weekend.Today I cut the grass and the hedge with my dad.When I was out on my walks I was disgusted at the amount of rubbish there was.I made myself a promise that when this is over my dad and I are going to pick some of it up.As you guy may know my dad is a scout leader he was there with me and said that he would bring the scouts up to pick some of it up.

I have been doing all of my conditioning for gymnastics this week.Sometimes I wish this never even happend like most of yous out there but I do love getting to watch all of the star wars films and marvel.

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