Busy weekend

This week end I have been really busy thats why I havent been posting.I have called my friends all weekend.My friends andI have been trying to watch movies wich is kinda hard.Sometimes we as in my other friend there were three of us on the whats app call.I miss all of my friends it is … [Read more…]

Fun day

Today i was teaching my brother gymnastics on bars like a chin up,leg lift and a chin circle over.He needed help he nearly got his chinup and chin circle over.It was really good. Then we were doing the washing sorting the clothes into piles he kept on making a mess.Apparently that was his den it … [Read more…]

first blog

This week i have been in an empty shopping centre. I went to the centre to buy food. It was scary and also exciting. All the shops had a sign up that said sorry but we are closed. One said we well be back in 15 minutes. I am a gymnast and a dancer so … [Read more…]