I am Hungry

Ever since this lockdown has started all I have heard from my son is “I’m hungry” I really wonder how he gets through a normal day at school without having to constantly eat. Scouting Well we tried a virtual Scout camp this weekend. Kids slept in tents/shelters they made at home, and would join our … [Read more…]

Wedding Anniversary

We had an amazing anniversary this year – spent it at home. I had reminded myself to get a card for Mrs but I forgot and she did get me one. Normally its the other way around in our house. Cycling So I finally dusted off my bike after it not being used for about … [Read more…]


We better have a great summer this year, grass has been cut, hedges trimmed and much on the woodwork has been treated. I ran out of the treatment so I have not been able to do the fence slats – thats one job that will need to wait till after lockdown then. The plan for … [Read more…]

Car is back

So I managed to get my car back today, the clutch had gone and had to be replaced. Very expensive bit of work! On top of that the car battery needed to be replaced. My daily exercise today was to walk over to pick the car up, along with son on his scooter. Managed to … [Read more…]